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Theresa Johnston
Theresa Johnston
07:01 05 Mar 20
My car is being paid for and they have excellent customer service
Justin Newby
Justin Newby
01:23 20 Jan 20
Great people and friendly service.
David Schoonover
David Schoonover
11:13 04 Dec 19
These guys are straight up loan sharks. I was a week late on a payment, and they showed up to my front door with a tow... truck as an intimidation factor to "remind me" to go pay my bill. Mind you I had recently moved and hadn't told them my new address but they found me... Also they charge 10 times the value of their carsread more
Bobbi sue frye
Bobbi sue frye
04:03 29 Oct 19
Very helpful crew
Dustin Hutchison
Dustin Hutchison
00:54 02 Oct 19
Great place to get a car if u dont have any credit me and my girlfriend got a car there with low miles on it
Marc Mickschl
Marc Mickschl
04:30 25 Sep 19
Nice place. To buy a vehicle if you have credit issues. Nice atmosphere.
Sherri Jonsgaard
Sherri Jonsgaard
22:53 18 Jul 19
Awesome people!
Dan Deicher
Dan Deicher
16:06 17 Apr 19
I am now on my third vehicle here and wow.....I don't know where to start. All of my vehicles have been in great shape.... I just bought a Kia Sorento with 82 THOUSAND MILES! great shape! The warranty on a "buy here pay here" place is really nice to have. Dandi is not only a great salesperson, but cares about his customers. Again I have had 3 vehicles, all paid off now, and I will continue to go back down the road!read more
Dawn Groothuis
Dawn Groothuis
01:22 11 Dec 18
They're great for folks in need of a vehicle with no or poor credit.
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1. I am currently paying off my second car that I purchased from Cars-n-Credit. I am always treated so kindly and look forward to going there to make my payments. They are always professional and want to help you in any way they can.
2. The customer service that is offered to all their customers is always extremely helpful. I know one of the biggest problems for car owners (especially new drivers) is how to pay for repairs. Cars-n-Credit offers side notes on all your repairs, and generally as long as it’s within reason you are able to set-up your own payment amount. It keeps you on the road and out of the bank.
3. I recommend Cars-n-Credit to anybody that doesn’t have great credit, or if they are a new driver and are looking for that first new car. They WANT to help you. They understand that times can be tough and repairs come at the most inconvenient of times, they understand, and have the tools to help you, as long as you ask and keep in contact.
4. Buying a car can be stressful, but in there pressure free environment they make the buying process easy by offering a free warranty with all there cars. All the vehicles they sell are used, so some things may pop up you may not have been aware of. They allow you to drive it for awhile and make sure you feel you made the right choice. They want to make sure your in a car you love and if you change your mind, that’s okay too.
5. I intend on purchasing my next car through Cars-n-Credit. There customer service is second to none, and they always have great selections to choose from. There is not many dealerships that will know you on a first name basis, and is such a friendly environment.
6. There are a ton of used car dealerships in the area but I really do think Cars-n-Credit is a top leader. There no pressure environment, and always available assistance is two of the things that I don’t think you would get at another used car establishment. In addition they have an amazing selection of cars of all makes and models, even the newest models such as smart cars, and hybrids. It is not only important to them to help you get into a car, but they will sit down and get you in a car that you can be proud of and is most acceptable for your individual lifestyle.
maggie B

The folks at Cars-N-Credit of Mankato aren’t just my car dealers, they are my friends. From the very first time I walked in the door I have been treated like a real person, not just a possible customer. The first vehicle I purchased from them was a minivan. Then I decided I needed a 4 wheel drive… When the blazer came in they had problems getting it started… I picked it up on Tuesday and on Friday morning it wouldn’t start. They fixed my blazer and returned it to me at their expense. That’s what I call service! I now own my third vehicle from Cars-N-Credit and have referred 2 friends who have also purchased vehicles. My next vehicle will also come from them. Thanks Cars-N-Credit!
Colleen M

Cars-N-Credit has worked with me and my wife over the past 5 years in purchases of quality used cars. They have also worked with us on setting a reasonable down payment and manageable payments. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a used car now and in the future.
Jason S

Cars-N-Credit is a great place. They have been very helpful and friendly to me for many years. All the people there are excellent and fun to be around. They are “hands on” with all their customers. I would recommend Cars-N-Credit to anyone.
Richard O

WE ARE OPEN !!!!!!!



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