Can I get a car from a different lot?

Yes, With an approved application, we will bring a car from another lot for you to check out.

You can also travel to our other lots to view inventory, but we recommend you do the application before hand at the lot closest to you prior to starting your search.

I have had some credit problems. Can I get approved for financing?

Yes, Cars-N-Credit will finance you. We understand that good people sometimes have problems with their credit. We provide second chances to people who need basic, dependable transportation, and meet our simple program guidelines.

How much down payment do I need?

Cars-N-Credit specializes in financing with low down payments. It depends on which car, truck or minivan you’re purchasing. We offer financing with as little as $100 down on some vehicles.

How much will my payments be?

Our financing is based on reasonable payday payments. We offer weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly payments. Setting them up depending on how the customer gets paid.

What are your financing guidelines and how do I get approved?

Start by filling out and submitting our online application, or stop in at the Cars-N-Credit store nearest you. We base our approvals on your time on the job, ties to the area (you must live or work within 25 miles of the Cars-N-Credit store nearest you), your ability to pay, and the honesty and accuracy of the information you give us. You will need:

  • Valid MN, WI, or IA drivers’ license
  • Proof of income (check stub)
  • Proof of residency (rent receipt or a copy of a utility bill)
  • A few personal references (name, address, phone number)

Usually we can have your loan application approved and you’ll be back on the road in your new vehicle in just a couple of hours or less.

Will I need insurance on the vehicle?

Yes. We require full coverage insurance on the vehicle you’re purchasing.

Is there a warranty on the vehicle I'm purchasing?

Yes! Cars-N-Credit offers a 24 month or 24,000 mile limited warranty on most vehicles at no extra cost. This warranty covers the basic power train (engine, transmission, drive axle) plus the alternator, water pump, the starter, and much more! Read more about warranty.

What if my vehicle breaks down after the warranty period is over?

As with all vehicle purchases, the customer is responsible for repairs and maintenance after the warranty has expired. All used vehicles will someday need repairs. We do try to help our customers whenever we can to find the most affordable means of repairing their vehicle so they can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Can I have the car I want to buy inspected before I purchase?

Absolutely! We recommend that every customer have the vehicle they are intending to purchase independently inspected by someone they trust, before they buy. We want you to feel comfortable with the condition of the vehicle you are purchasing.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes, Cars-N-Credit will take just about anything of value as trade-in.  Although most customers trade in another vehicle some have traded boats, ATVs, motor homes, and more!